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Data Analyst Resume

Case Studies

Jan 2023

Cyclistic Case Study

The business task of this case study is to figure out a way to convert casual riders into annual members. With the help of what I learned in R, I used programming and data visualizations to create graphs and tables to assist in my final recommendations. Before creating visualizations, I cleaned the data with both Microsoft Excel and R. 

Jan 2023

Bellabeat Case Study

The business task of this case study is to find trends in user's data and improve Bellabeat customer's user experience. Through R's visualizations, I found positive and negative correlations on the data and recommended some marketing techniques to be used. 


Aug 2022 - Jan 2023


Completed an extensive six-month job-ready Google Career Certificate training in five months. I've demonstrated hands-on experience with data cleaning, data visualization, project management, and interpreting and communicating data analytics findings. I also have a solid understanding of databases, SQL, and R. 

Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Professional Skillset

Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel (90%)

SQL (65%)

R Programming Language (80%)

Tableau (70%)

Analytical Skills (95%)


Speaking: English (native) and Mandarin (proficient)

Reading: English (native) and Mandarin (proficient)

Writing: English (native) and Mandarin (proficient)

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